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It is difficult to describe these meetings as cooperatives to three years, social life is in its beginnings, is cooperating in the making.

Take care on children is through the explicit say. From the small section, children learn the ritual of the word goes around, waiting his time, listening and speaking. In the solemn circle of the meeting, speech weighs more. The meeting regulatory body and base before launching dispersion activities in workshops, part of the potential has been identified, the limits are recalled, malfunctions laid flat, the proposed remediation.

It is difficult to describe these meetings as cooperatives to three years, social life is in its beginnings, is cooperating in the making. The language code, tracking time and space are still in full development. Rituals settled on the day they are remembered by half a day.

Educational gestures In kindergarten, cover and button when it’s cold, tying shoes, toileting, eating, drinking are acts involved the teacher, accomplice of a ATSEM (whose presence is grossly inadequate in Marseille ). Nose, heal a boo-boo, comfort complement the body contact that will go to spacing, lessening will disappear until around 8 or 9 years old when the youngster spontaneously tries in his first vouvoiements. An implied contract teaching would we be open only to a separate body right.

The cuddly, seemingly transgressive, relies on the evidence of the roots of reason in the depths of maternal sensible.En, it is common for adults (teachers, ATSEM, AVS, EVS) take a child into their arm to console, reassure remember when dad goes or contain a whim. For this physical contact, body to body, adults communicate emotionally to the child in kindergarten, it takes a motherly attitude.

During the time of the hug, the adult speaks with gestures, with its meaning, its way to take and carry the child, his tone of voice, gestures, caress or kiss on the cheek amid tears. By this gesture, the educator’s main concern to calm and reassure the child to enable him to soon find the most optimal mental disposition possible despite the context and events, so he could get on with his life in the school community, the culture universe. This console is emancipation2.

Benevolence is full of good intentions but educational precepts have value only if they result in action. Declare goodness is not enough for its emergence. But the contemporary world does the opposite of what he says. Under the guise of development of school time for the well-being of children, the reforms of the decade that passes, on the contrary, increased fatigue.

Today, they are subject to supplementary educational activities during the lunch break, they lost their rest Wednesday morning and suffer, in school, poor animations on Tuesday afternoon. Ultimately, their lifestyles were quite degraded, their fatigue increased. With each new attack, resurfaces the chorus of mourners in unison imploring moral living together when the existing cultural cooperation networks are undermined at the base.

How many schools can no longer count on the support of popular education spaces neighborhood bled white by successive budget cuts ordered by hooligans white collar? 1http: // 2 Attachment Size bienveillant.odt 29.81 Ko 88.95 Ko bienveillant.pdf Blog Jean Astier

4 Results discipline among schoolchildren In: rights> children’s rights for teachers book, brochure June 1928 International Workers of Education: educational days Leipzig 1928 discipline among schoolchildren: C.Freinet Author Freinet Read more Education and citizenship in: rights> rights of the child edited by a Departmental Group for teachers book, brochure pedagogical principles> cooperation Training and research> research in November 1995 Jean-Michel VIENNA Professor of Philosophy at the University of Nantes Author: Jean-Michel Vienna more Citizenship and learning in the second degree: rights> rights of the child school level> second degree edited by a Departmental Group for teachers book, instructional booklet Techniques> learning November 1995 Marie-Danielle Pierrelee College Principal – Director of “Aut o-School “Author: Marie-Danielle Pierrelee More School, Democracy, Citizenship In: Rights> Rights of the Child edited by a Departmental Group For teachers book, brochure pedagogical principles> Cooperation Training and research> Research November 1995 Christian BAUDELOT Professor at the Ecole Normale Superieure Author: Christian Baudelot more
1 result Results Being recognized In: The Breach CEL For teachers review teaching techniques> autonomy pedagogical principles> term-creation Pedagogical Principles> Communication> school newspaper in November 1978 BE RECOGNIZED Reflecting after reading the article by Gilles VARY: “they are already dead?” (Brescia 32 p. 24) Eric MOREL wonders whether, for a student, see appear one of his texts in the newspaper still enough to value, motivate and, more generally, he seeks how to recognize the productions, speech children from the popular medium.

Author: Jean-Eric Morel More
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3 Results The math free text, Paul Le Bohec In: do my math homework for me
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