Posted October 4, 2021 at 7:33 pm by Naomi Azkha

U-Marq Universal-350 Engraving Machine (Asoka Printing)

Buy U-Marq Universal-350 Engraving Machine at Asoka Printing with cheap price, best quality guaranted, international warranty.

Price : USD 7000.00 Fixed
Product : Available & 100% New Original
Terms : Wise, Bank Transfer, Western union, Moneygram & Xoom
Shipping : FedEx / DHL / ups
Lead Time : 6 – 9 Days
Airport : Kualanamu International Airport


Product Description

The U-MARQ Universal is a true four axis machine, giving the user unprecedented control over the cylindrical axis. The cylindrical axis can be angled to cope with conical shapes or used in automatic centre locating mode for regular cylinders and can be raised or lowered for unusual shaped and sized objects . Trohpy maufactures and Industrial Markers. The uncluttered design combined with the mechanical stability, enables easy engraving of large or small items. All this on the same system, which seconds later can be engraving lettering only a fraction of a millimetre high on delicate jewellery. The U-MARQ Universal Engraving Machine, takes over where our GEM-CX leaves off. As well as gifts and personal items, the Universal will engrave large tankards, large glass bowls, brass plaques, aluminium signage multiple badges and much, much more!. With its all new high quality, spindle which is almost noiseless, it’s ideal for the workshop or retail environment.

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