Posted June 1, 2019 at 3:42 pm by Solo

PIG Spill Kit in High-Visibility Container – Absorbs up to 47 L, 1 each

⦁ Oil-Only absorbents soak up oil, fuels and oil-based liquids but not a drop of water
⦁ Basic container saves money when you don’t need a UN Rated container for disposal of spent absorbents
⦁ Bright yellow colour is easy to locate in the event of a spill; non-threaded lid lifts off for fast, easy access
⦁ Bold Spill Kit lettering for quick identification
⦁ Lightweight 100% polyethylene container resists chemicals and keeps contents clean and dry; molded-in handles for easy carrying
⦁ Temporary disposal bags with ties help make cleanup faster
⦁ Tamperproof seal helps prevent pilfering of spill response supplies
⦁ Only PIG Spill Kits feature PIG Absorbents proven for rapid response

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